Respirator Fit Test

Qualitative Respirator Fit Test


WorkSafeBC requires that all employees who wear respirators be given an annual fit test. All respirators, (Half face, full face, or disposable N95 type) must fit properly and form a good seal on your face. ABCB First Aid Offers a Qualitative Fit Test that checks to make sure contaminated air cannot leak into your respirator and be inhaled. To ensure a good fit, nothing, including eyeglass frames, head coverings or beards, sideburns, or stubble must come between your respirator and your skin where the respirator seals with your face.

The respiratory protection program will include:

  • An evaluation of airborne contaminants in the workplace
  • An exposure control plan
  • Selection of appropriate respirators
  • Training of workers
  • Maintenance of respirators
  • Medical evaluation of workers where required
  • Annual review of the program
  • Annual Fit Tests

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